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Choose the courses below that you would like to include in your package. You can select courses totaling 12 CEs. Beside each course's name in parenthesis is the CEs for that course. After you've selected your courses, click the "Buy Now" button, which will appear below the courses listed once you've selected the correct number of CEs for the package you're purchasing.

NOTE:   New York will not accept Reiki courses. Maryland, NH, NJ, NY, and NC do not accept business courses or limit the hours in business. Please do not choose Holistic Approach to a Business Plan for relicensing in these states.

  •   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (8)
  •   Cultural Diversity in Massage Practice (3)
  •   Diversity and Cultural Competency (1)
  •   Four Hours Ethics (4)
  •   HIV and AIDS - A Deeper Look (6)
  •   HIV to AIDS (3)
  •   Holistic Approach to a Business Plan (15)
  •   Hydrotherapy (2)
  •   Low Back Pain and Massage (4)
  •   Lyme and Massage (8)
  •   Massage Workplace Disaster Planning (4)
  •   Migraine and Massage - v2 (20)
  •   The Massage Client with Alzheimers (4)
  •   Understanding the Effects of Prolonged Standing (8)
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