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10 Hours of Florida Laws and Rules Test

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1.  Florida chooses to regulate massage because it is
 A good source of revenue for the state
 A tradition with Florida to regulate everything
 Required to do so by the federal government
 Potentially dangerous to the public
2.  Regulation is necessary
 To produce revenue for the state
 To protect the public from unqualified practitioners
 To comply with the Homeland Security Act
 To improve the therapists
3.  The book claims regulation results in
 Great safety for massage clients
 No appreciable gains for massage clients
 Increased risk for massage clients
 A switch from client focus to obeying rules
4.  In the massage room, who is more vulnerable to injury?
5.  What is one injury that occurs in the massage room?
 Sinus problems
 Overuse syndrome
6.  What other interest did the Legislature try to protect in regulating massage?
 The fiscal reduction theory
 Cumulate service assistance
 The competitive market
 Integrating social services
7.  Who are the 2 agencies regulating massage?
 Council of Bodywork and Board of Health
 Bureau of Massage and Board of Licensing
 Board of Finance and Department of Licensing
 Board of Massage Therapy and Department of Health
8.  Who appoints members to the immediate agency regulating massage?
 Appointments Committee of the Legislature
 State Surgeon General
 Lieutenant Governor
9.  How many members does the Board have?
10.  Are any of the Board members massage therapists?
 Yes, 5 are
 It’s possible but it’s not a requirement
 No, you can’t let therapists regulate therapists
 Yes, one member of the Board is a therapist. The others must come from outside the profession to promote objectivity.
11.  For a meeting considering denying a license, the Board must meet
 By teleconference
 In the city of the applicant
 On a weekend so the applicant can attend
 In person
12.  Board members serve for
 A small stipend plus mileage
 Free except their mileage is reimbursed
 A salary and benefits package
13.  What can the governor do to a Board member for drunkenness?
 Suspend the member
 Remove the member
 Reprimand the member
 The governor has no power over the Board
14.  The Board has the power to make rules
 About its meetings but not about massage
 Only about the forms to be used
 When the governor gives the Board permission
 Filling in the details of the laws passed by the Legislature
15.  All of the Board’s proceedings are
 Recorded electronically
 Recorded by a stenographer
 Never recorded unless someone appearing before the Board deposits a fee sufficient to pay for the service
 Never recorded besides the docket entries entered by the clerk
16.  Therapists can have their license suspended for
 Challenging a rule
 Being behind on child support
 Bringing an attorney to a disciplinary hearing
 Losing their copy of the license 3 times
17.  The law specifically names this profession, saying they do not need a massage license:
 Qualifying athletic trainers
 Faith healers
18.  What kind of education must an applicant have before massage school?
 No prior education is needed
 A bachelor
 High school diploma or GED
 An associate degree
19.  What are 2 alternatives to massage school?
 Nomination, apprenticeship
 Apprenticeship, endorsement
 Endorsement, appointment
 Estoppel, quantum meruit
20.  May a student in massage school serve an apprenticeship at the same time?
 Yes, with permission of the State Surgeon General
 Yes, if federal financial aid signs off as OK
 No, unless the Board passes a special authorization
21.  21. An apprentice needs the agreement of
 The Board, establishment owner, sponsoring therapist
 The Department Director of Apprentice Education
 The Board and the sponsoring therapist
 The Director of the Division of Medical Quality
22.  What is the maximum number of apprentices a therapist can sponsor at one time?
 Two with the approval of the Director of the Division of Medical Quality
 There is no limit but the therapist must ensure proper care to each
 Three if the State Surgeon General OKs it
23.  Who has more required hours to fulfill the student or apprentice?
 The hours required are the same for both
 It depends on what tier of student or apprentice is being considered
24.  Is an apprentice free of the examination requirement?
 Yes. The sponsoring therapist certifies the achievement of the apprentice.
 Yes. The whole purpose of apprenticeship is to make the exam unnecessary.
 No, the apprentice must take the exam
 No, the apprentice must take the exam unless the apprentice is over age 55
25.  Does an out-of-state therapist moving to Florida need to re-test to practice massage?
 Yes. Florida needs to know the therapist is qualified.
 No, if the governor grants the therapist license by appointment
 Yes. The statute requires this.
 No, if the therapist can be licensed by endorsement
26.  The applicant needs to verify these licenses in applying
 Only massage licenses held
 Any health-related licenses held
 Only needs a print out with the applicant driving record
 All professional licenses held
27.  All applicants need 3-5 letters of recommendation.
 No, only applicants with an entry in the criminal history section need these letters
 Yes. The Board needs to know applicants are of good character.
 Only applicants who went to school need the letters. The sponsoring therapist will certify the apprentice.
 Only apprentices need the letters. The school will certify the good standing of students.
28.  The application is confidential.
 Yes. The federal McCain-Feingold Act requires that.
 The application is a public record with certain exceptions.
 Yes except the press may get access for good cause upon approval of the Board chairperson
 No, the application is completely open to any member of the public.
29.  Renewing a therapist license after 4 years in practice requires how many hours of continuing education?
30.  Doing 6 hours pro bono disaster relief in Uruguay can be counted towards continuing education.
 No, the pro bono service must be done in Florida.
 No, the pro bono service must be done in the United States
 Yes with the approval of the State Surgeon General
31.  Is an inactive license renewed?
 No, inactive status is permanent
 Yes, but there is no charge to renew
 Not if the therapist is over 65
 Yes, every 2 years
32.  The following is acceptable identification to be presently immediately at the request of an officer
 Florida driver license that expired yesterday
 Valid unexpired Texas driver license
 Photo ID from college
 Library card with photo
33.  The operator must maintain a copy of therapist
 Social Security card
 Birth certificate
 Driver license
 Home address
34.  If a therapist forgot her purse and could not present ID, who would be cited?
 Operator only
 Therapist only
 Operator and therapist
 Sponsor only
35.  The maximum penalty for violating the identification law is
 10 years in jail + $5,000
 60 days + $500
 1 year + $1,000
 This is a civil, not a criminal, matter.
36.  A therapist is required to explain draping techniques to the client.
 No. The client knows the drill.
 Yes but it is a good practice thing. There is no penalty if you do not.
 Yes but it is only required if it is the client first visit.
 Yes. Failing to do so can result in discipline.
37.  One specific mitigating factor on the list the Board considers in deciding discipline is
 The age of the licensed person
 The length of time until renewal
 The credit report of the licensed person
 The length of time licensee has practiced
38.  An example of a citation violation is
 Failure to explain draping techniques
 Failure to display license
 Using a license belonging to some else
 Letting Kathy massage though she is still in massage school
39.  The Board will use mediation for
 Failure to have proof of insurance
 First time practicing without a license
 Failure to include license number in ad
 Refusal to allow inspection
40.  The Board will use a notice of non-compliance for
 First time failure to have proof of insurance
 First time practicing without a license
 Failure to respond timely to a continuing education audit
 Failure to display license
41.  Indirect supervision of probation means
 The therapist has to phone the probation officer once a week
 The monitoring therapist works within 20 miles and is available for questions
 The therapist is not allowed to practice unless the monitor is on the premises
 The department conducts unannounced visits to monitor the therapist
42.  Direct supervision of probation means
 The monitoring therapist works within 20 miles and is available for questions
 The department conducts unannounced visits to monitor the therapist
 The therapist has to phone the probation officer once a week
 The therapist is not allowed to practice unless the supervisor is on the premises.
43.  Pretending to a massage therapist without being licensed is
 A misdemeanor
 A citation violation
 Subject to mediation
 Ready for a notice of noncompliance
44.  One reason the Board might choose to pursue a civil action is
 Lower costs
 High enforcement values
 Faster than the criminal courts
 Lower standard of proof
45.  How long does the Board have to notify the applicant of any errors on the application?
 30 days
 45 days
 60 days
 At the convenience of the Board
46.  Generally in order to revoke a license, the therapist must receive
 An email
 A notice by personal delivery or certified mail
 A phone call
 A counseling visit
47.  A therapist learns how to do colonics by
 Reading a book
 Going to school or serving an apprenticeship
 Just taking a test
 Informally watching others
48.  A CE provider must retain for 4 years
 Student sign in sheet
 Copy of the student driver licenses
 Student quizzes
 Student admission material
49.  May instructors receive CE credit for the courses they present?
 Yes if prior Board approval for the instructor receiving credit is received and the additional credit fee is paid
 Yes if the Director Education for the Department of Health approves
50.  Who can challenge a Board rule?
 Any person substantially affected
 Any resident of the state
 The Department of Legal Jurisprudence
 The Department of Commerce
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