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-Florida HIV and AIDS- Test

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1.  HIV can be transmitted through
 mucous membranes
 an open or cut sore
 all of the above
2.  Body fluids that have been shown to transmit the HIV virus are
 blood, menstrual blood, semen and breast milk
 semen, sweat and urine
 tears, sweat and blood provided it is other than menstrual blood
 breast milk, urine and bile
3.  According to the text, to avoid passing HIV from mother to infant, the United Nations recommends
 mothers begin antiviral drugs prior to conception
 mothers with HIV do not breastfeed or cease breastfeeding as soon as possible
 the breast milk be boiled prior to giving it to the baby
 the United Nations has made no recommendations because the virus has never been found in breast milk
4.  The following is NOT a means of transmission for HIV
 hot tubs
 insect bites
 sharing dishes or food
 all of the above
5.  The three cornerstones to infection control are
 barriers, recapping needles, and disposal
 refrain from engaging in dangerous behaviors, barriers and bathing
 refrain from engaging in dangerous behaviors, barriers, and sterilization and disposal where applicable
 personal cleanliness, reference dating and annual testing
6.  A barrier against HIV in the clinical setting would include
 air cleaners
7.  Instruments coming into contact with HIV-potential fluids should be
 washed in hot water
 immediately disposed of properly after use or sterilized after each use
 sprayed with alcohol on a weekly basis
 sterilized frequently
8.  In the clinical setting, a frequent cause of puncture wounds from syringes is
 lack of support
 poor lighting
 not working at a fast steady pace
 recapping the needle or bending the needle
9.  The three stages of clinical management are
 investigation, classification and treatment plan
 serialization, classification and investigation
 classification, treatment plan and purification
 delineation, in house rotation and classification
10.  The leading cause of deaths globally is
 heart failure
 auto accidents
 medical errors
 infectious diseases
11.  When does the subject not need to consent to an HIV test?
 at a health clinic
 when the subject is over seventy-five years of age
 when an autopsy is performed
 when they are obviously infected
12.  Disclosing the identity of a person tested or the results of a HIV test can be a
 a misdemeanor
 a felony
 a violation of professional ethics
 all of the above
13.  If a person discloses the identity of a person tested or the results of a HIV test merely for malicious intent or bribery, they may be charged with
 a felony
 disturbing the peace
 a fine
14.  Generally, a person may not disclose the identity of a person tested for HIV. There are exceptions. Which of these people can be told?
 anyone who has received significant exposure to the subjectís HIV-possible fluids
 the doctor caring for the subject
 the Department of Health
 all choices are correct
15.  In the state of Florida what must occur before news of a positive HIV test is given to a person?
 a warning postcard must be mailed
 a confirmatory test
 the names of those who may have been exposed must be collected
 spousal consent
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