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Florida Law and Rules Test

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1.  The massage and bodywork industry requires rules because
 the Staten Island Charter demands it based on the Ohio initiative
 they are incredibly evil
 they are no different than any other industry. Most professions have rules
 the industry gave up its right to habeas corpus
2.  In society we have agreements (laws) in which we agree to conduct ourselves in ways that..
 are harmful to others
 make the majority happy and feel secure
 are disrespectful
 are disobedient
3.  How many members are there on the Florida Massage Board?
4.  Of the 7 member Florida Massage Board how many members are required to have more than 5 years of experience in the massage Industry?
5.  Personal trainers do not need a massage license in the state of Florida if
 they agree not to work for any professional athletic team
 they are employed by a pro athletic team performing or training within the state
 they do not violate the apprenticeship program
 they abide by the rules sit up by the Committee to Tax the Olympics Program
6.  The intent of the apprentice program is to
 offer an in-field alternative to the massage school environment
 provide a way for the owner and staff to get free massages
 get cheap labor
 keep the sponsor company
7.  Delegating professional responsibilities to an unqualified person is
 acceptable if the client gives consent
 grounds for disciplinary action by the board
 okay if the insurance carrier approves
 up to the owner
8.  In many jurisdictions, anyone caught massaging without a license is…
 automatically arrested and taken to jail
 may have their drivers license suspended
 automatically denied a license later
 told never to do it again
9.  The first and the most important qualification required to legally work as a massage therapist in the state of Florida is…
 a license to practice
 to be a naturally born citizen of the United States
 to have washed ones hands
 to have a job in a massage establishment
10.  According to Florida Law 480.046 (c) what is considered grounds for denial of license or discipline by the Florida Massage Board?
 not having a license to massage in the state of California
 not having a drivers license
 having had been convicted of a crime relating to massage or being convicted of something which affected the right to massage
 having a license to massage in another state in which you previously worked as a message therapist
11.  When applying for a license to massage in the state of Florida, attempting to procure a license by bribery or fraudulent misrepresentation
 are more grounds for denial
 s okay if you already possess a license to massage in a different state
 is okay if you were able to get away with it in a different state
 is okay if you know how to perform a message
12.  Bribery is
 the offer or acceptance of value in exchange for influence and is illegal
 The name of a state of the art computer program that allows applicants fast track to licensing
 An acceptable practice in the state of Florida
 Obligatory only for first time licensees
13.  If information on the licensing application is fraudulently misrepresented
 Licensing is automatically held up for an additional 30 days
 The applicant is automatically incarcerated
 The board reserves the right to deny, suspend, or revoke any license to practice in the state
 The applicant is charged under copyright infringement laws
14.  The Florida licensing application contains an appearance clause which means
 show you knowledge by performing a message on a member of the Florida Massage Board
 before you can apply for a license to massage you must have a valid drivers license in the state of Florida
 you must wear professional attire at all times
 at the discretion of the Board, the applicant can be ordered to appear before the Board or before the Professionals Resource Network for the purpose of further investigating the application
15.  It is permissible for a therapist to allow someone to use her/his license
 if the person using the license fits the description on the license
 if the owner is cool with it
 never, it is against the law for a therapist to allow someone else to use his/her license
 if the person using the license pays the appropriate borrowers tax
16.  Which of the following is not listed by the text as one of the Common Guidelines that help prevent cross contamination within a message establishment?
 Covered waste receptacles near all sink areas
 Enclosed containers or closets for clean and for soiled linen
 The maintaining of sufficient amounts of clean linen
 gloves and protective clothing must be worn by the massage therapist at all times
17.  In the state of Florida, practicing massage at a site, location or place that is not duly licensed as a massage establishment or otherwise allowed for by the Board is
 only okay, if the establishment passes all building codes
 only okay, if the establishment is well lit and restrooms are available
 generally okay anywhere in the State of Florida
18.  Arranging a sexual tryst for another location if planned on the establishment premises is
 no one elses business
 not a problem between consenting adults
 a violation of the Mann Act
19.  Being under the influence while working
 makes the day go by faster
 is administering treatment in a negligent manner, creating grounds for discipline
 okay if the client approves it
 permissible if the substance was used prior to entering the establishment
20.  Therapists in Florida are required to include this in newspaper advertisements
 their social security number
 their massage license number
 a web address
 their NCBTMB score
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