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Four Hours Ethics Test

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1.  The following is a safe and comfortable environment for the client
 a nice cozy room warmed by an unattended space heater
 a frayed and comfy heating pad
 a clean establishment in good repair
 interior remodeling, as long as city permits were obtained
2.  According to the text, the number one complaint from massage clients is
 massage is too expensive
 the therapist does not use enough pressure
 massage rooms tend to be too cold
 the therapist talks too much during the massage
3.  Which of these examples treats the client with respect, dignity and worth?
 chatting with the client while they undress
 asking for race on the questionnaire
 knocking on the door to make sure the client is ready before entering
 answering the phone numerous times during the massage
4.  Refusing to provide service to someone because of the following is a violation of federal law
 national origin
 all of the above
5.  Should you still drape the client if your city or state does not require it?
 a Standard of Practice suggests it might be a worthwhile practice anyway for psychological and professional reasons
 no, because the massage room is private anyway
 sometimes, if the client is out of shape
 maybe, if the client insists on a drape
6.  You can refuse service for the following...
 the behavior of the person is disruptive
 the hygiene of the person is simply unacceptable
 you are working alone and it is not safe
 all of the above
7.  One of the best ways to get consent for the massage is ...
 their presence is the consent implied
 describe the procedure and get an okay
 have them sign a blanket waiver the first time they come in
 ask them if they want to use their credit card
8.  An example of falsely impugning a colleague is...
 an ad saying you give the greatest massage
 to say they are out sick when in fact they just want a day off
 to incorrectly suggest the colleague is incompetent
 lower your prices
9.  If someone suffers damages because a falsehood was made about them in writing to a third party, they can sue
 the person who wrote it for slander
 the person who wrote it for libel
 for discrimination
 the person who read it
10.  To respect the traditions and practices of other professionals you should...
 not promote your services
 not seek their services
 not criticize their profession
 not refer your clients to them
11.  One professional hygienic practice in the massage setting is
 turning over the sheet to the clean side for the next client
 washing the laundry in cold water
 cleaning the shower once a week
 use all clean linen which has been washed in hot water for each client
12.  Be knowledgeable of your scope of practice and practice only within these limitations by
 doing only what you are trained and licensed to do
 offering chiropractic adjustments based on a video you watched
 offering miraculous cures
 making suggestions based on the pharmaceutical commercials you have seen on TV
13.  According to the NCBTMB Standard, if you have knowledge of another certificant violating the law you should
 report it to the proper authorities
 raise bail money among the other therapists
 cover for them
 drive the getaway car
14.  You can respect the copyright of another person by
 getting their permission to use their material
 quoting only snippets of their material
 writing your own material
 all of the above
15.  Protect the interests of clients who are minors or clients who are unable to give voluntary and informed consent by
 notifying their parents afterward
 getting them to sign a waiver
 discussing it with their school principal
 getting guardian consent
16.  For the intake form, ask only for information that is relevant to the professional client and therapist relationship by..
 asking the ages of their children
 asking questions that are health related to massage
 asking if they have seen a psychotherapist
 asking for their Social Security Number without a legitimate need
17.  Client records are strictly confidential, an exception is ...
 if disclosure is required by law
 the landlord asks to see the records
 the maintenance crew wants access into the records to clean
 a chiropractor from separate business
18.  Store and dispose of client files in a secure manner by
 taking it home and tossing
 using proper computer backup techniques
 letting the client retrieve their own file from the client records
 giving them to the cleaning crew for safe keeping
19.  According to the Standard, maintain client records for
 2 years
 the life of the business
 the life of client
 four years
20.  According to the Standards, when can you have an intimate relationship with a client?
 when the client is not your client and you have not massaged them
 when a period of 6 months has passed since you give that person a massage
 when you were already doing so before applying for certification
 all of the above
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