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HIV and AIDS - A Deeper Look Test

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1.  AIDS is a disease which
 attacks the human immune system
 basically attacks the muscular system
 initially attacks the nervous system
 initially attacks the digestive system
2.  If HIV is detected early
 it is likely the patient will not need to medicate
 it is likely the patient will live nearly as long as they would have without the disease
 It makes no difference
 It makes no difference if they are female
3.  What is the generally held scientific theory as to the cause of HIV?
 It evolved from another human disease
 Chimpanzee to human transmission
 It evolved from a flu virus
 It evolved from a herpes virus
4.  Is it the conventional view that HIV is the cause of AIDS?
 No, it is still debated
 No, it is not believed to be the cause
 HIV is just another name for AIDS
5.  How is a person tested for HIV?
 Venous blood is tested for a particular antibody or antigen
 It is detected through urinalysis
 It is detected through saliva sampling
 It is detected based on symptoms
6.  How is HIV transmitted?
 mosquito bites
 when a bodily fluid containing the virus enters the body
 when viral particles are inhaled
 through contaminated food
7.  HIV can be transmitted through
 skin to skin contact
 the air
 an open or cut sore
8.  The three most common ways to transfer HIV are
 contaminated needle, unprotected sex, and mother to child
 swimming pool, mother to child and toilet seat
 unprotected sex, saliva, and hot tubs
 petting, kissing and bathing
9.  By far the MOST common way HIV is transmitted is through
 unprotected sex
 sharing needles
10.  According to the text, to avoid passing HIV from mother to infant, the United Nations recommends
 mothers begin antiviral drugs prior to conception
 mothers with HIV do not breastfeed or cease breastfeeding as soon as possible
 the breast milk be boiled prior to giving it to the baby
 foster care
11.  The US Centers for Disease Control notes casual, everyday contact with an HIV-infected person
 does not expose anyone to HIV
 exposes some to HIV
 exposes the elderly to HIV
 exposes everyone to HIV
12.  The three cornerstones to infection control are
 barriers, sterilization or disposal and the promise of a monogamous relationship
 do not engage in dangerous behaviors, barriers and bathing
 do not engage in dangerous behaviors, barriers and sterilization or disposal
 mass testing, quarantine and treatment
13.  If possibly exposed to HIV one should
 be tested after 3 months
 wash their hands only
 be tested rapidly
 wait 72 hours then be tested
14.  What in the massage room should be disinfected after each use?
 all surfaces and equipment
 just the table top
 just the applicators
 just the table and chairs
15.  The three stages of clinical management are
 investigation, classification and treatment plan
 serialization, classification and investigation
 classification, treatment plan and purification
 evaluation, stabilization and recalibration
16.  Can education be an effective tool in preventing HIV AIDS?
 No, abstinence is the only way to prevent AIDS
 Yes, but only on the college level
 Some states think so and have mandatory educational requirements
 No, education is ineffective
17.  Have antibiotics eliminated infectious disease?
 Yes, in the United States
 Yes, outside the United States
 Yes, until 2009
18.  The leading cause of deaths globally is
 infectious diseases
 auto accidents
 medical errors
19.  What are three other methods to prevent communicable disease?
 Barriers, personal hygiene and environmental control measures
 Segregation, antibiotics and reevaluation
 Vaccination, indoctrination and follow up
 Isolation, deportation and fumigation
20.  What is the single most effective technique for preventing the spread of communicable disease in general?
 Drinking plenty of fluids
 Hand washing
21.  In the state of Florida, what is one circumstance in which the subject does not need to consent to a HIV test?
 At a health clinic
 When the subject is over 75 years of age
 When an autopsy is performed
 When they are clergy
22.  In the state of Florida, what is another circumstance in which an HIV test can be taken without consent?
 If the person is under arrest but not convicted
 If the husband gives consent
 If there is a court order
 If a police physician signs for it
23.  In the state of Florida, what is another circumstance in which an HIV test can be taken without consent?
 if the subject has been convicted of prostitution
 If a blood sample is already drawn and available
 if the subject has been accused of prostitution
 no consent is required
24.  In the state of Florida, what must occur before news of a positive HIV test is given to a person?
 Mail a warning postcard
 A confirmatory test
 A collection of the names of people who may have been exposed
 They must obtain a court order
25.  Post-test, in-person counseling in Florida is offered by
 specially trained counselors
26.  In the Florida case study in the book, discrimination is prohibited by law when a person is buying
 a pet
 life insurance
 a car
27.  In the Maryland example in the book, can a child consent to HIV testing?
 No, because they are a minor
 Yes, if the child understands the counseling
 No because they need guardian permission
 Yes, if they are over the age of 14
28.  If a person in Florida donates blood knowing they have HIV it is
 a misdemeanor
 only an ethics violation
 a felony
 not a crime
29.  If a Maryland county health department is notified that a HIV positive individual refuses to notify sexual partners, what must the department do?
 File the information
 The department is required to take no action
 The department must attempt to notify the partners
 Incarcerate the individual
30.  In Maryland what must a realtor disclose to a prospective buyer about the HIV status of the seller?
 Advise the buyer to contact the county health department
 Whether or not the seller has HIV
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