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HIV to AIDS Test

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1.  Most new HIV infections in the US come from
 Unprotected sex
 Massaging a client
 Touching an infected person
2.  The second most common way to transmit HIV in the US is by
 Sharing a hot tub with an infected person
 Reusing contaminated needles
 Unprotected sex
3.  Should a therapist take any special precautions in massaging an HIV-positive client?
 Normal good practices are all that is needed
 Gloves are mandatory
 The therapist is allowed to refuse the massage
4.  What precautions should a therapist take before a session with an HIV-positive client?
 Wear gloves
 Turn on an air purifier
 Wash hands, check client for cuts, make sure fingernails are short
 See a doctor
5.  Is the therapist at risk in massaging an HIV-positive client?
 No, if the therapist takes universal precautions such as gloves and gown
 Maybe. It depends on what stage of the disease the client has reached.
6.  Contraindications for massaging a person with HIV include
 Client being older than 65
 Therapist’s conscientious objection to massaging people with HIV
 Company policy declining to massage people with HIV
 Therapist being ill, client having symptoms of tuberculosis
7.  Linen from an HIV client should be
 Washed in cold water
 Always washed separately
 Bagged separately for professional disinfecting
 Washed in hot water
8.  Can a therapist get HIV from something the client touched?
 Yes; the virus can live a long time outside the human body
 Yes; the virus can breed and replicate outside the body
 Yes; that is why massaging a person with HIV is so dangerous
9.  Are there job protections for therapists with HIV?
 A therapist may have legal safeguards
 No, the ADA does not cover HIV
 Yes, if the therapist got the HIV on the job and has Medicare Part F
 No, an employer is free to fire the therapist
10.  HIV is generally believed to have developed after a virus
 Was developed by the CIA
 Escaped a US Army biological testing lab in Germany after World War II
 Was transmitted from a chimpanzee to a human
 Mutated from feral pigs
11.  What is the status of the standard view of HIV?
 It is the majority view
 It is undisputed
 About half of the scientists believe the standard view
12.  Is HIV testing ever mandatory?
 No, people are protected by the 21st Amendment from mandatory testing
 States may have limited times when testing is required
 No, that would violate the protection from search and seizure without a warrant
 Every state except New York has limited mandatory testing
13.  How accurate is HIV antibody testing?
 When a positive result is re-tested, 99.9% accurate
 Very accurate but you have to wait for symptoms to appear to conduct the test
14.  Are HIV and AIDS the same thing?
 Yes. The US calls it HIV, Europe calls it AIDS
 No, HIV and AIDS are not the same thing. HIV can lead to AIDS.
 Yes. AIDS is the older term. Scientists are trying to get people to use the newer term, HIV.
 No. AIDS can lead to HIV
15.  Can a person on HIV medicine still transmit the virus?
 Yes, even when the virus is undetectable
 No, that is what the medicine prevents
 Yes, if the virus is still detectable in the blood
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