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Hydrotherapy Test

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1.  In hydrotherapy the form water takes is...
 All of the above
2.  The most important person in the history of hydrotherapy was...
 John Wayne
 Mick Jagger
 A farmer
 Jupiter Moon
3.  Hydrotherapy works through...
 Swoosh and pull
 Distillation and fermentation
 Blood flow changes
 No one knows how it works
4.  Hydrotherapy involves water but name one modality where the client does not get wet.
 Arid hydrotherapy
 Oil hydrotherapy
 Friction hydrotherapy
 Dry hydrotherapy
5.  Usually the client experiences hydrotherapy alone, although the therapist is present. Name one modality where the therapist is directly involved in hydrotherapy
 Ice bodywork
 Aquatic bodywork
 Participation hydrotherapy
 Lifeguard hydrotherapy
6.  The benefits of animal hydrotherapy are said to include...
 Relaxation and increased confidence
 Pain relief
 Better balance and coordination
 All of the above
7.  According to the book, when does pricing become an issue in hydrotherapy?
 When multiple services are being offered
 When the client presents a credit card
 When a discount is offered
 When individual therapists charge differently
8.  According to the book, listing each service separately
 Makes it look you are a bigger operation
 . Helps your accountant at tax time
 Offers you sales advantage
 Helps the client understand what is being purchased
9.  During hydrotherapy, a client
 a. Should be dehydrated
 b. Retains the right to discontinue the session
 d. Should be dry
 e. Can be sold other services
10.  What should the therapist do after hydrotherapy?
 Allow the client to rest
 Roll the client in a blanket and go to lunch
 Put the client on a treadmill
 Give the client aspirin
11.  Which of the following are general contraindications for hydrotherapy?
 Poor muscle tone
 Sleep disorder
 Implanted medical devices such as pacemakers
12.  Which of the following are contraindications for using heat in hydrotherapy?
 Sore muscles
 Fever, diabetes, recent alcohol consumption
 Joint pain, respiratory ailments
13.  Which of the following are contraindications for continuing a hydrotherapy session?
 Dizziness, nausea, fainting
 Arthritis and spinal cord injuries
 Poor muscle tone, tiredness, poor fertility, toxic system
 Pain or stress
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