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Low Back Pain and Massage Test

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1.  Americans spend at least how much each year on low back pain?
 $50 million
 $50 billion
 $25 million
 $100 million
2.  How common is back pain as a neurological ailment in the United States?
 1st most common
 3rd most common
 2d most common
 10th most common
3.  Most low back pain is caused by
 injury or trauma to the back
4.  Acute low back pain lasts
 a few days to a few weeks
 four weeks or longer
 five weeks or longer
 longer than two months
5.  Chronic low back pains lasts
 a shorter time than acute low back pain
 more than 3 months
 more than 4 months
 an undetermined time.
6.  The centerpiece of the back is the
 nerve roots
 cauda equina
 intervertebral discs
 spinal column
7.  The lower back is comprised of how many lumbar vertebrae?
8.  Men and women have low back pain
 differently—men have back pain more
 differently—women have back pain more
 in different regions
9.  The most common ages for low back pain are
 after 51
10.  One common way to diagnose low back pain is
11.  Regarding low back pain, massage therapy can
 reduce pain and improve function
 stimulate the aorta
 enlarge the lumbar
 reduce the lumbar
12.  What is the most common medical condition for which people use complementary and alternative medicine?
 stomach ache
 back pain
13.  According to the second study discussed in the book, what is more effective than physical therapy for reducing low back pain?
14.  According to the third study discussed in the book, was Thai massage or Swedish more effective at reducing low back pain?
 they were equally effective
 Swedish worked better for temporal pain, Thai for medina
15.  According to a study cited in the book, magnets
 are unproven with regard to promoting healing
 can be expensive
 can promote healing
 are not to be used by massage therapists
16.  According to the book, magnet therapy may require
 a massage therapist license or exemption from needing one
 specialized training
 a bachelors degree in magnetonomy
 federal approval
17.  A magnet produces a measurable field called a
 gauss field
 magnetic field
 gamma field
 silo zone
18.  The strength of a magnet is measured in an unit called a
19.  Contraindications for magnets include
 clients over the age of 55
 teenage clients (their bones are not formed yet)
 clients with pacemakers or insulin pumps
 postmenopausal women
20.  One way to prevent low back pain from happening is to
 lift objects properly
 take aspirin
 take fish oil capsules
 take vitamin C
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