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Massage Workplace Disaster Planning Test

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1.  According to federal guidelines, an emergency plan can be a non-written plan provided...
 there are 3 or less employees
 there are 12 or less employees
 there are 5 or more employees
 there are 10 or less employees
2.  An open discussion of the emergency plan is important because....
 there will be witnesses to a discussion about a plan
 everyone lunches afterward and the boss picks up the tab
 the employees can argue out a plan and the boss doesn’t need to do a thing
 it helps finalize the procedures in everyone
3.  The emergency plan should begin by identifying
 how to report fires and other emergencies
 how to report to the landlord
 how to report insurance claims
 how to report to your doctor
4.  The emergency plan should describe each person's
 role in the emergency
 argument whether or not to have an emergency plan
 possible financial contribution to the emergency plan
 fears on how the others would react during an emergency
5.  The easiest way to report an emergency is to
 leave it up to a gossipy neighbor
 call 911
 call the owner and let them handle it
 run outside and flag down a passing car
6.  The workplace should have an alarm system
 to alert everyone immediately there is an emergency
 for the tax deduction
 in case someone refuses to pay
 for when you are bored
7.  An emergency should be reported immediately because
 it will reduce insurance premiums
 in an emergency every second counts
 a client might walk in and you
 otherwise you may not go home on time
8.  In an emergency, who should be responsible for making the emergency call?
 whomever has a cell phone
 an impartial non-staff member
 the owner
 a designated person
9.  In case you might need to use a neighbor’s land-line it is best to…
 offer to pay
 ask for their keys in case they happen to be closed
 have an agreement in advance that you can use their phone in an emergency
 threaten them with a lawsuit
10.  A client who refuses to evacuate during an emergency...
 Could be sued if someone were injured as a result
 Should be firmly directed to leave, Now!
 Can endanger others by slowing emergency response time
 All of the above
11.  According to the text, after an evacuation, the next step is to
 start removing furniture and other large things that might catch fire
 cancel your appointments
 make sure everyone is accounted for
 start issuing refunds
12.  After an emergency someone needs to be in charge of making a list of where everyone is headed because
 the insurance company might want to talk to them
 they may come up missing later or family members might inquire
 you think one of them might be to blame for the disaster
 it is just a part of good record keeping
13.  According to the text, you want to involve employees in designing the emergency plan because
 if something goes wrong it spreads the liability around
 the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration recommends it
 it keeps them busy during slow periods
 they have more to lose than you do
14.  What can happen if a worker dies during a fire at the workplace?
 The company can be subjected to federal prosecution if OSHA standards were not met
 The company is liable for funeral costs but nothing else
 The company can lose its Better Business Bureau status
 Nothing, the company is immune from prosecution and liability
15.  Any electrical device that creates heat should
 be discarded
 used only in the winter
 be replaced every 6 months
 have a built in timer or be connected to a timer
16.  Is it okay to go home and leave a dryer running?
 No, because 42 dryers catch fire everyday and 10 people die from them every year
 Yes, only if you do not have a full load
 Yes, if the dryer is UL certified
 Always, dryers never catch fire
17.  Examples of work place violence are
 bomb threats, dirty jokes and hurricanes
 tornados, chemical spills and rent increases
 fist fights, stalking, rape, robbery and bomb threats
 arguments among co-workers and hurricanes
18.  Incidents that may provoke work place violence include
 firing the person
 disciplining the person
 continued conflicts between employees
 all of the above
19.  Two types of disaster insurance mentioned in the text are
 pearl and limited liability
 peril and all risk
 bonded and unbounded
 disbursed and cumulative
20.  If you keep your records on a computer, what can you do to prepare for disaster?
 Have the records backed up and stored at another location
 Hit “save” on your computer occasionally
 Hit control and S on your computer occasionally
 Download onto a disk which you keep locked in a desk
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