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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Test

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1.  A therapist doing massage for CFS clients should know about CFS
 Because massage can cure CFS
 So they can sell CFS medications to the client
 So as to speak intelligently with client and health team members
 So the therapist can advise the client
2.  A key part of the definition of CFS is the patient having
 Intermittent fatigue which benefits from rest
 Increased cyclamate counts
 Lowered dopamine pressure
 Fatigue which significantly interferes with activities
3.  The name chronic fatigue syndrome is
 Somewhat controversial
 Used by patients but not by the government
 Used mainly in the United Kingdom
 The term favored in China, which does a lot of CFS research
4.  Should the therapist take special sanitary precautions with CFS?
 No, CFS is not contagious
 Yes, if the client sneezes
 No, CFS requires viral transmission via blood
5.  More people have CFS in America than have HIV.
 The number is about the same
 More people in the UK have CFS than in the US
6.  CFS can worsen after
 Physical activity or mental exertion
 Watching too much television
 Taking vitamins
 Using butter
7.  Most people with CFS are
 Young adults
8.  What percent of CFS patients return to normal?
 About half
 Less than 10%
 About three-quarters
 Almost all with the new drugs
9.  One reason CFS is so difficult to diagnose is
 Fatigue and other symptoms of CFS are common to many illnesses
 It happens mostly in babies and they are difficult to test
 It is such a rare disease
 It is not hereditary
10.  A major part of diagnosing CFS is
 Taking a blood test
 Genetic testing
 The brain scan
 Ruling other diseases out
11.  What causes CFS?
 No one knows
 Malnutrition as a child
 An elytroid virus
12.  What can massage do for clients with CFS?
 Help with the symptoms, making life easier for the client
 Massage can cure CFS
 Massage can help symptoms in Stage 1 CFS, not in Stage 2
 Massage is just a fun pastime
13.  The book presented several studies showing massage
 Is effective in helping to improve symptoms
 Often cures CFS
 Attacks the cause of CFS
 Is a placebo
14.  What kind of massage helps with CFS?
 Hot stone massage
 Deep tissue massage
 This is disputed—best to ask the client’s doctor.
 Light touch massage
15.  Massage is generally viewed as a
 Replacement for conventional medical care
 A soothing distraction for the client
 Complementary technique to treat CFS
 Undocumented therapy—no studies have been done
16.  Epsom salts are
 Artificially constructed from chemicals
 The secret ingredient in a famous soft drink
 A naturally occurring mineral compound
 A British band famous for helping CFS patients
17.  Epsom salts are named after
 A town in England where they were discovered
 EP Epsom, the chemist who invented them
 Buddy Epsom, an actor who loved them
 Alice “Epsom” Cola
18.  The Epsom salts experiment described in the book shows
 Minerals can be absorbed into the body via a bath
 Lower concentrations are more effective than higher ones
 Salts must be combined with magnesium to be effective
 Salts must be diluted with lemon juice
19.  Epsom salts are contraindicated for
 Older people
 People with rheumatism
 People with kidney disease
20.  When doing an Epsom salts rub, be careful of
 Pressure used on client
 The floor
 The therapist’s hands
 All the answers are correct
21.  A sitz bath
 Is good for the soles
 Increases blood flow
 Aerates the lymph nodes
 Paradigms vein health
22.  A cold sitz bath for a CFS client is
 Longer than a hot bath
 Shorter than a hot bath
 The only kind of sitz bath
 Given for half an hour
23.  Which sitz bath is said to deliver results faster?
24.  A sitz bath regime for a CFS client can be
 Hot and cold
 Room temperature
 Only cold
25.  One contraindication for using hydrotherapy for CFS is
 If the CFS patient has a sensitivity to bath chemicals
26.  Aromatherapy uses
 Filtered oils
 Cold oils
 Essential oils
 Hot oils
27.  Using aromatherapy in a CFS setting, it is very important to
 Apply the oil directly to the skin
 Refrigerate the oil
 Test the scent with the client before use
 Never use one bottle on more than one person
28.  The quickest way for aromatherapy to deliver results is through
29.  Essential oils are used in massage
 After being purified
 After being filtered
 Directly on the skin for full value
 After being blended into a carrier oil
30.  If a bath is not feasible for aromatherapy, the CFS client can
 Be given a footbath with an essential oil preparation stirred in
 Be given reflexology without oil
 Be referred to a hydrologist
31.  Aromatherapy is contraindicated for
 Older women
 People with stress
 Men after the age of 80
32.  Cupping creates what on the body?
33.  What country has had remarkable results with CFS and cupping?
 United States
 United Kingdom
34.  The benefits of cupping for CFS are suggested by
 Several studies
 New Age word of mouth
 The FTC
35.  Is there a cure for CFS?
 Yes, if the disease is caught before Stage 2
 Yes, if the patient can tolerate sanitarian drugs
36.  CFS patients should communicate to their health care provider
 About which symptoms are most disruptive
 Regarding any insurance discounts
 About free medication
 For better scheduling
37.  A doctor may recommend a CFS patient get massage for
 Pain management
38.  Some CFS patients find massage particularly useful for
 Depression and anxiety
39.  Clients should talk to their doctors about potential therapies
 Because many supposed cures are unproven and may be dangerous
 Because this country does not accept alternative medicine
 So the doctor can update the charts
 So the doctor can schedule a follow up
40.  What impact can a therapist have for a CFS patient?
 Potentially make a huge impact on their ability to live with CFS
 Saves the client from seeing a doctor
 Cures the syndrome
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