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Migraine and Massage - v2 Test

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1.  The book starts with a letter. What does it say cured the migraines?
 a. Massage
 b. Surgery
 c. Acupressure
 d. Diet
2.  What is migraine?
 a. A headache which causes moderate to severe pain and reoccurs.
 b. Any bad headache
 c. A bad headache with complementary pain along the spine
 d. A headache which happens more than once a month
3.  The pain of a typical migraine headache is
 a. Rotary
 b. Uniform
 c. Iamb phobic
 d. Pulsating
4.  4. Where do most people feel a migraine?
 a. On both sides of the head
 b. In the neck
 c. In the lower back
 d. On one side of the head
5.  Do migraines have other various symptoms?
 a. Yes
 b. Never
 c. Rarely
 d. Only when too much salt is present
6.  If a person has migraines for half the month, she might have
 a. A huge aspirin bill
 b. Chronic migraine
 c. Scalene
 d. Hysteresis
7.  How many in the US have been diagnosed with migraine?
 a. 28 million
 b. 10 million
 c. 5 million
 d. 1 million
8.  Who is much more likely to have chronic migraines?
 a. Women
 b. Men
 c. People over 85
 d. People over 45
9.  Which of these 4 diseases has more sufferers?
 a. Migraine
 b. Osteoporosis
 c. Diabetes
 d. Rheumatoid arthritis
10.  Is the number of Americans with migraines increasing?
 a. Yes, among post-menopausal women
 b. No
 c. Yes, in the West
 d. Yes, reportedly up almost 60% in the last 25 years
11.  Who is most likely to have migraines after puberty?
 a. Adult women
 b. Adult men
 c. cancer patients
 d. Retired adults
12.  Who is most likely to have migraines before puberty?
 a. Girls
 b. Girls in the northeastern United States
 c. Boys in the South
 d. Boys
13.  Of these 4 age groups, which is the most likely to have migraines
 a. Teenagers
 b. 40-50 year olds
 c. 50-60 year olds
 d. 70 and older
14.  Is there a link between cardiovascular disease and migraine?
 a. Migraine sufferers are more likely to have the other
 b. No
 c. Yes in Canada, but not in the United States
 d. The book says several studies are equivocal
15.  People with migraines are at increased risk for
 a. Obesity
 b. Amnesia
 c. Psoriasis
 d. Heart attack and stroke
16.  How can some women raise the harm of migraines?
 a. Jog
 b. Take estrogen
 c. Drink too much water
 d. Air travel
17.  Migraines do NOT increase the risk for
 a. Nausea
 b. Visual disturbances
 c. Innervations
 d. Cognitive decline or Dementia
18.  How many days of work does a migraine sufferer lose?
 a. 10-15 on median
 b. 1-2 on average
 c. 7-9 on median
 d. 4-6 on average
19.  Economic losses due to migraines annually amount to
 a. $100 million
 b. Almost $17 billion
 c. $1 billion
 d. $5 billion
20.  How many parts does a migraine have?
 a. 5
 b. 3
 c. 1
 d. 7
21.  Most people
 a. Have warning signs a migraine is coming on
 b. Are attacked suddenly by a migraine, with no warning
 c. Feel a migraine on both sides of their head
 d. Feel a migraine in their scalene
22.  One warning sign of a migraine is
 a. Having an aversion to food
 b. Being unusually agreeable
 c. Seeing halos on streetlights
 d. Sleeplessness
23.  An aura is
 a. A sensory disturbance before or during a migraine
 b. Something a psychic sees around a person
 c. The chiropractic treatment for migraine
 d. A hydrotherapy treatment for migraine
24.  Seeing multicolored lights before a migraine is
 a. An example of aura
 b. A demonstration of scalene
 c. The result of too many aspirins
 d. Time to see a doctor
25.  Blurred or cloudy vision during a migraine can be
 a. A warning sign glasses are needed
 b. An example of aura
 c. Indigestion
 d. Innervations
26.  Trouble in speaking during a migraine could be
 a. Warning sign of colitis
 b. An example of aura
 c. Technical amazement
 d. Paranoiac
27.  The pain of a migraine is
 a. Just severe
 b. Moderate to severe
 c. Just moderate
 d. Light to severe
28.  An untreated migraine can last from
 a. 4 to 72 hours
 b. 20 minutes
 c. 2 hours
 d. 4 days
29.  A migraine can be aggravated by
 a. Normal activity
 b. Tea
 c. Soda
 d. Steak
30.  A migraine can be accompanied by
 a. Euphoria
 b. Hunger
 c. Nausea and increased sensitivity to sound and light
 d. Energy
31.  Difficulties in thinking can be
 a. Aspirin abuse
 b. A side effect of the headache phase of a migraine
 c. Scalene
 d. Hysteresis
32.  What muscles can feel tender during a migraine?
 a. Head and neck muscles
 b. Cheek and mouth muscles
 c. Shoulder muscles
 d. Upper back muscles
33.  What causes migraines?
 a. Nobody knows
 b. The VIH virus
 c. Asphodel
 d. Scalene
34.  Do genetics play a role in migraine?
 a. Yes but only on the side of the mother
 b. Yes but only on the side of the father
 c. No
 d. Yes
35.  What is a trigger?
 a. Something which initiates individual migraines
 b. A auditory flash
 c. A visual circle
 d. A vertical circle
36.  Things which can begin a migraine are called
 a. Antecedents
 b. Precedents
 c. Bad
 d. Triggers
37.  How are migraines diagnosed?
 a. By a blood test
 b. By a drug test
 c. By matching criteria from 2 sets of options
 d. By a MRI
38.  The resolution phase of migraine frequently begins with
 a. Sleep
 b. Eating
 c. Exercise
 d. Working
39.  The last phase of a migraine can feel like
 a. A depression coming on
 b. A hangover or flu
 c. I need to eat
 d. I am dizzy
40.  Postdrome reactions are most likely in migraines that
 a. Lasted a long time
 b. Lasted a short time
 c. Were circular
 d. Were perpendicular
41.  Two things which may begin a migraine are
 a. Weather or stress
 b. Tea or soda
 c. Airplanes or trucks
 d. Steak or chicken
42.  According to the text, garlic is
 a. a cure for all migranes
 b. A good defense against vampires
 c. Undigestable
 d. A possible trigger for a migraine
43.  What does the text suggest about triggers?
 a. There are many triggers
 b. Triggers are few and far between
 c. They are circular
 d. They are parallel
44.  Two things which may trigger a migraine attack are
 a. Tea or soda
 b. Airplanes or trucks
 c. Steak or chicken
 d. Change in the weather or fatigue
45.  A doctor asks a migraine sufferer questions to
 a. Make sure they don’t have another medical problem
 b. To boost billable hours
 c. To comfort the patient
 d. To look for lingual symptoms
46.  Migraine symptoms might really be
 a. Stomach ulcer
 b. Scalene
 c. Horiatis
 d. Lyme disease
47.  The standard treatment for a migraine is
 a. Exercise
 b. Drugs
 c. Chemotherapy
 d. Changing the diet
48.  Alternative treatments for migraine include
 a. Exercise and drinking more water
 b. Radiation and changing the diet
 c. Chiropractic
 d. Cold baths and exercise
49.  One migraine study showed after a month
 a. Chiropractic patients had less pain than drug patients
 b. No difference between chiropractic and drug therapy
 c. Drug therapy was more effective than chiropractic
 d. Neither therapy worked in treating migraine
50.  Chiropractic focuses on the
 a. Spine
 b. Head
 c. Knees
 d. Legs
51.  Side effects from spinal manipulation can include
 a. All of the answers below are correct
 b. Temporary headaches
 c. Tiredness
 d. Discomfort in the parts of the body treated
52.  The evidence that acupuncture helps migraine is
 a. Weak
 b. Strong
 c. Conflicting
 d. Better when garlic is also administered
53.  Biofeedback may help migraines by
 a. Using electronic devices to teach relaxation
 b. Connecting the patient with spiritual power
 c. Providing input on the quality of diet
 d. Reintegrating the chakras
54.  One review article noted that relaxation training
 a. Significantly reduced headache activity
 b. Significantly increased headache activity
 c. Had no effect on headache activity
 d. Is a placebo
55.  Relaxation training is generally learned by
 a. Self-teaching
 b. Seminars
 c. College training
 d. Government certification
56.  A key thing relaxation training strives to reduce is
 a. Stress
 b. Eating
 c. Thinking
 d. Sleeping
57.  One of the more unusual ways to treat migraines is
 a. Golf therapy
 b. Hiking
 c. Chicken soup
 d. Electromagnetic fields
58.  The most effective herb in migraines prevention is
 a. Marigold
 b. Ragweed
 c. Rose
 d. Butterbur
59.  When using the most effective herb, it is important that
 a. It be PA free
 b. It be administered by a Chinese practitioner
 c. It contain mercury
 d. It contain fluoride
60.  Butterbur can cause which of the following side effects?
 a. Belching
 b. drunkenness
 c. hair loss
 d. hyperactivity
61.  Butterbur should only be given to children or pregnant women under the supervision of a qualified
 a. Health Practionioner
 b. Herbalist
 c. Hypno therapist
 d. Butterbur Farmer
62.  The effectiveness of CoQ10 in treating migraines
 a. Has been established by one small study
 b. Has been extensively studied
 c. Has not yet been tested
 d. Works best when combined with fluoride
63.  Which of the following was found through several studies to help reduce the frequencies of migraines more effectively than a placebo?
 a. Ragweed
 b. Marigold
 c. Feverfew
 d. Rose
64.  A good essential oil to use for migraines is
 a. Citrus
 b. One that is menthol or minty
 c. Woody
 d. Patchouli
65.  Where is essential oil applied to treat a migraine?
 a. Temple or back of neck
 b. Spine
 c. Behind the ears
 d. Scalp
66.  Essential oils used to treat a migraine are applied
 a. Directly to the skin for greatest impact
 b. With a sponge
 c. Using a plant based carrier oil
 d. With a tissue
67.  When applying an essential oil, using a plant-based carrier oil allows for:
 a. Better molecular absorption
 b. Co-intestinal adhesion
 c. Supra-pharmaceutical penetration
 d. Even dispersal over the skin
68.  One 2006 study showed massage
 a. Made a significant reduction in migraine frequency
 b. Reduced the intensity of migraines
 c. Helped migraine when marigold oil was used
 d. Was effective for migraine with elderly patients
69.  What effect on the intensity of migraines did the 2006 study show?
 a. No change in the average intensity of the migraines experienced
 b. Significant improvement
 c. Worsening
 d. Small improvement
70.  In Chapter 3 of the text, the author used massage to try to show that many headaches were secondary neuralgias, manifesting from
 a. Too much sitting
 b. Chronic inflammatory deposits in the muscles of the neck
 c. Chronic inflammatory deposits in the legs
 d. Watching too much television
71.  Two characteristics of migraine are
 a. Cranial pain with gastro-intestinal disorder
 b. Innervations and anti-phonation
 c. Hemicrania and physical energy
 d. Diminished respiration and increased mental energy
72.  The doctor mentions which ancient Roman physician?
 a. Aristotle
 b. Euripides
 c. Lucretius
 d. Galen
73.  A change in the ordinary habits of life
 a. Is often enough to provoke a migraine attack
 b. Can provoke an attack only in the aged
 c. Is not a provocation for an attack
 d. Can provoke an attack only in the young
74.  It is very often found that in the same person the number of causes which may be able to provoke a migraine attack
 a. There is usually only 1 cause
 b. There are usually hundreds of causes
 c. Several causes
 d. Nothing caused the migraine
75.  The text explains that with changes in muscular tissues Chronic myositis always develops
 a. Slowly
 b. Quickly
 c. In a quadrilateral orientation to the muscle
 d. Perpendicular to the vein
76.  It is noted that: quite frequently during an attack, and sometimes also before the attack, we find the myositis deposits are
 a. More enervated
 b. More swollen
 c. Less swollen
 d. Pulsing
77.  Can a migraine sufferer know in advance if they are going to have a migraine?
 a. Usually a migraine sufferer can predict when they are going to have a migraine.
 b. No
 c. Rarely
 d. Not unless they are psychic
78.  According to the text, how many stages of muscular inflammation are there?
 a. 4
 b. 10
 c. 33
 d. 3
79.  The stages of muscular inflammation are
 a. Swelling, resistance, induration
 b. Enervation, prolongation
 c. Innervations, asphodel
 d. Scalene, hysteresis
80.  A muscular inflammation that is to some degree organized and resistant to touch, yet still preserving a certain degree of elasticity is in the
 a. Resistance stage
 b. Enervation stage
 c. Innervations stage
 d. Hysteresis stage
81.  A very hard muscle without elasticity is in the...
 a. Prolongation stage
 b. Induration stage
 c. Asphodel stage
 d. Adolescent stage
82.  The transition of the different stage in muscular inflammation
 a. is not clearly marked
 b. is precise and evident
 c. is opaque
 d. is translucent
83.  If there are several inflammatory spots present...
 a. They always represent the same stage of the disease
 b. There is no disease
 c. They may have chicken pox
 d. All of them do not necessarily represent the same stage of the disease
84.  Propagations to the lymphatic system are
 a. Not rare
 b. Unheard of
 c. Non Existent
 d. Imaginary
85.  A good time to examine a client for swelling is
 a. During a migraine attack
 b. Before a migraine attack
 c. After a migraine attack
 d. When there has been no migraine attack for 1 month
86.  The swelling is
 a. Away from the point of pain
 b. On the point of pain
 c. Adjacent to the point of pain
 d. Unrelated to the point of pain
87.  One possible contraindication for massage and migraine is
 a. Where scalene is present
 b. When the client has asphodel
 c. Where the myositis deposits are very old
 d. When hysteresis has occurred within the last 5 years
88.  The doctor says migraines generally cease in women after
 a. Adolescence
 b. Menopause
 c. Childhood
 d. Marriage
89.  How long does it usually take to show results?
 a. Three or four weeks
 b. Two sessions
 c. Six weeks
 d. Two months
90.  How long does a typical session last for treating migraine?
 a. 1 hour
 b. 90 minutes
 c. 15 to 20 minutes
 d. 10 minutes
91.  What part of the hand is used in this treatment?
 a. The thumb
 b. The index finger
 c. The palm
 d. The palm and index finger
92.  In what direction is the massage done?
 a. Center to periphery
 b. In clockwise circular motions around the swelling
 c. In counter clockwise circular motions
 d. Periphery to center
93.  The swellings are generally easily overcome
 a. Without using any great force
 b. By hard massage
 c. By circular palpitation
 d. By arrhythmic concretion
94.  Which conditions require greater strength in massaging?
 a. Enervation and innervations
 b. Resistance and induration
 c. Prolongation and asphodel
 d. Scalene and hysteresis
95.  When dealing with the nerves, begin with
 a. Simple friction
 b. Effleurage
 c. Petrissage
 d. Tapotement
96.  In the author’s experience, how often did relapses occur?
 a. 50% of the time
 b. 5% of the time
 c. 25% of the time
 d. 17% of the time
97.  The tendency to a recurrence in older persons seems to be...
 a. More likely to have a relapse
 b. At the same risk as others for a relapse
 c. Less likely to have a relapse
 d. At highest risk for a relapse
98.  The key point in avoiding relapses
 a. Is to massage away all muscular inflammation
 b. Is to massage with the full hand
 c. Is to never use powder in the treatment
 d. Is to massage the scalene carefully
99.  The symptoms in a relapse generally
 a. More pronounced and painful
 b. Less pronounced and painful
 c. About the same
 d. Riskier
100.  Duration of the treatment of the relapse is...
 a. Usually shorter than the treatment for the first attack
 b. Usually longer than the treatment for the first attack
 c. About the same as the treatment for the first attack
 d. Heavier then the treatment for the first attack
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