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Holistic Approach to a Business Plan Test

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1.  Build goals around
 Your aspirations
 Your priorities
 Your dreams
 Your hopes
2.  Backburner items, things you put off, tend to
 Remain on the backburner indefinitely
 Be gotten to quickly
 Resolve themselves
 Get resolved by someone else
3.  One clue that something is not really a priority is
 Someone tells you so
 You do not seem to be making much progress with it
 Nobody else cares about it
 It is difficult
4.  Blocking occurs when a priority is
 Logical but does not connect with your true desires
 Criticized by others
 Too much work
5.  What we do each day should match
 Anything we find boring
 What is expected of us
 Our priorities
 Whatever is easiest
6.  The belief that prioritizing is a logical affair is
7.  The logical mind cannot prioritize because
 Prioritizing is not logical
 Prioritizing is a waste of time
 Prioritizing does not make sense in the real world
 Logic cannot provide a context for prioritizing
8.  In prioritizing, the author suggest letting what lead?
 The heart
 The brain
 The spleen
 The feet
9.  When the heart and brain synchronize, this is called
 Heart burn
10.  In order to make accurate predictions of where you are headed, you must look to your
 a. future
 b. past
 c. parents
 d. psychic
11.  According to the author, one benefit of coherence is
 Better gas mileage
 Mental performance
12.  Create your prioritization list by
 Talking to people
 Reading books
 Focusing on your feelings
13.  Prioritizing and acting should both be done in a state of
 Early morning before you get distracted
 Anxiety so you are motivated to change
14.  Before taking action, the author recommends
 Returning to a state of coherence
 Getting a number of other opinions
 Finding excuses not to
 Having second thoughts
15.  What is the first thing to do with a recurring idea?
 Take an aspirin
 Forget it
 Email it to everyone you know
 Verbally acknowledge it
16.  What is the second thing to do with a recurring idea?
 Make a starter decision
 Take an aspirin
 Forget it
 Write it down in your diary
17.  For #16, what is a good first move?
 Explore the idea more thoroughly
 Tout it on Facebook
 Jump in and execute. No use waiting
 Immediately create the business plan
18.  If you reject an idea but it keeps coming back
 You may just be hyper
 Delegate the idea to someone else
 Some part of you thinks the idea is reasonable
 Mentally shred the idea and it will go away
19.  What comes first, goals or priorities?
 It can go either way
 They are of equal importance
20.  A recurring idea may be alerting us
 To priorities we have forgotten
 We need to relax more and be less obsessive
 To get more sleep
 We are stuck in a loop
21.  Goals are
 A waste of time
 A fantasy
 The benchmarks we use
22.  Goals put your priorities
 On the backburner
 To sleep
 Into the here and now
 Way off into the future
23.  One advantage in trying many times to meet a goal is
 Getting experienced in frustration
 You and Edison have something in common
 Training to become strong enough to succeed
24.  The author recommends you do what with the grind?
 Fall in love with it
 Ignore it
 Get rid of it
 Avoid it
25.  If a goal is not tough, it is probably
 Just right
 Beneath you
 The one you want
 Not goalish
26.  Goals should be
 Small and doable
 Big and audacious
 Easy so you can gain confidence
27.  If you set a big goal and fail
 You should never try again
 Keep it quiet so no one else knows
 Have a good cry about it
 You will learn something
28.  If you never overestimate your capabilities
 You will never know your limits
 You will always know your limits
 You will always be satisfied
 You will exceed your expectations
29.  According to the author, an optimal strategy for investing in life includes
 Mutual funds
30.  If you cannot do something now
 You will never be able to do it
 It does not mean you can never do it
 It is time to give up
 Beat yourself up over it
31.  According to the author, how long should a commitment to a goal last
 6 weeks then forget about it
 Give it a few days
 21 days
 5 years
32.  A lesser commitment of time is
 More realistic
 Less risky
 More salable
 Largely pointless
33.  In achieving meaningful results, dabbling
 Does not work
 Is the perfect strategy
 Is purposeful
 Shows you are serious
34.  What will you be interested in 5 years from now?
 Look to five years ago
 Ask your spouse
 It is impossible to guess
 Ask your psychic
35.  The way we make our priorities happen is through
 Watching a lot of television
 Putting the end before the means
36.  What makes ideas become reality is
 Human desire
 Who you know
 Where you went to school
37.  According to the author, those with an intense desire to achieve goals are called
38.  You cultivate burning desire by
 Giving in
 Altering the environment to strengthen your resolve
 Running and chanting
 Watching others fail
39.  According to the author, willpower leveraging is
 Using a small bit of willpower to compel a goal
 Closing when you were scheduled to work
 Asking for a bigger commission
 not asking for a second piece of pie
40.  A desire booster is
 A quart of strawberry chocolate swirl ice cream
 A new outfit
 A picture or poster that shows your goal
 Calling in for a mental health day
41.  If others poke fun at your desire boosters
 Do not worry about it
 They are your supporters
 Agree with them
 Ask them what they would do
42.  To reach goals, the people around you should be
 Negative, they can help you spot the flaws
 On drugs
43.  The people around you are important because
 If they have money, you can ask for a loan
 Attitudes are infectious
 You need nay sayers
 You need admirers
44.  Inappropriate people should be
 Taken out to lunch
 Made fun of
 Taken out and shot
 Fired from your life
45.  The author recommends spending how much time learning?
 At least 15 minutes a day
 An hour a week
 One day a month
 No time. Trust the stars
46.  Negative energy should be
 Replaced with positive energy
 Embraced, keeps you from getting too out there
 Redirected toward your clients
47.  Sensory inputs are important because
 No, they are not at all important
 They can make you ill
 They affect your attitude
 You should avoid sensory input
48.  Sensory input includes
 TV news
 All the answers above are correct
49.  Once you set a goal for yourself
 Take immediate action
 Never ever set a goal for yourself
 Call everyone you know and talk it to death
 You can forget about it
50.  One danger to accomplishing goals is
51.  Motivation follows
 A sedative or two
 An ice cream sundae
52.  Are doubts a reason to postpone action on a goal?
 Yes if you are worried about mistakes
 Yes and give it two weeks before you do anything
 All of the above
53.  If you avoid mistakes, you avoid
 Learning and growing
54.  If you want to know your future, look at your
 Bank balance
 Day dreams
55.  We look at the past so we can
 Intelligently reject patterns that does not work for us
 Repeat the same mistakes
 Celebrate that it is gone
56.  If you do not develop new habits
 Your goals are toast
 You will never be stuck
 Your goals will automatically adjust
 Your goals will be easily fulfilled
57.  After you set up goals, planning is
 A tremendous value
 A luxury
58.  A plan does what for a business?
 Gives the business a better chance for success
 Fulfills an IRS requirement
 Meets an EPA requirement
59.  What does a business plan you show investor need?
 Nothing, investors do not expect to see a plan
 An investor plan requires exaggeration
 An investor plan requires warnings of failure
 An investor plan requires persuasion
60.  What makes decision making easier?
 A big credit line
 A clear, committed strategy
 Letting someone else decide for you
61.  Part of planning is
 Getting a pizza and contemplating
 Trying various solutions on paper to see what works
 Making notes and putting them into a jar for later
 Sleeping on it
62.  You know when you have a good business plan because
 you cannot wait to implement it
 you procrastinate implementing it
 it does not excite you
 You do not like it
63.  A holistic plan is one for which
 You have gotten blessed from the Dalai Lama
 You have burned candles
 You fasted before creating it
 All the parts support each other
64.  Seeking a competitive advantage starts with
 week off in Hawaii for research
 Bad mouthing the competition
 Focusing on your weaknesses
 Looking at your personal strengths
65.  What can be turned into strengths?
 How you defer from the competition
 A 4 hours work day
 Copying the competition
 Nothing. Let the chips fall where they may
66.  When the author talks about planning long-term
 He means 10 to 20 years
 He means 1 to 2 years
 He means a week or two
 He means 6 months to 1 year.
67.  You remember goals by refreshing them in your mind
 On New Year Day
68.  If a friend is hyper-critical of your goals
 They will contribute to your failure not your success
 You welcome the challenge
 You keep the friend around to beat you up
 It does not impact your potential for success
69.  One reason to talk about your goals is
 You need something to do when you are bored
 It puts off actually having to do anything
 It creates positive accountability
 It is soothing
70.  According to the author, a reminder about goals should take how long to create?
 5 minutes or less
71.  Does a result have to be perfect to give strong results?
 Yes, perfection is key
 Yes, where is your work ethic?
 Only if someone is watching
 No, just essentially complete
72.  Polishing a completed project
 Always takes too long
 Is not a good idea
 Absolutely essential
 A good thing if the delay is not unreasonable
73.  The metaphor the author uses is that roses come with
 Cheers as the audience applauds you
74.  According to the author, goals are easier to complete when you have
 Other commitments
 A busy social life
 Low expectations
 A more realistic view of success
75.  According to the author, we should accept negative aspects of success but we should not
 Accept them wholeheartedly
 Resist success
 Accept them without resistance
 Admit it
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