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Lyme and Massage Test

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1.  What is Lyme disease?
 A bacterial infection caused by the bite of an infected tick.
 A hereditary disease which causes a greenish discoloration of the skin
 A fungal infection caused by the bite of the Lime worm
 A form of the grippe, transmitted from an infected person to another via the exchange of bodily fluids
2.  Lyme disease is caused by a bacterium known as
 A virus
 Borrelia burgdorferi
 Borrelian Bettium
3.  Lyme and syphilis are both caused by a bacterium classified as a
4.  Spirochete bacteria are thus named because they resemble
 a spiral or cork screw shape
 a square or box shape
 a circle or ball shape
 a diamond shape
5.  do Lyme and syphilis require a host to survive?
 Lyme does, syphilis does not
 Syphilis does but Lyme does not
 both require a host to survive
 both do not require a host to survive
6.  Which is true?
 Lyme is a new disease
 Lyme is an ancient disease
 Lyme is not officially a disease
 Lyme disease is a fallacy
7.  What is the name of the doctor who discovered the Lyme bacteria?
 Dr. Burgdorfer
 Dr. Ice Man
 Dr. Lyme
 Dr. Oz
8.  Lyme disease is what science calls a zoonosis, a zoonosis is
 A disease transmitted between human beings
 A disease transmitted from bugs found on zoo birds
 A disease that is transmitted from one species to another
 A place where many different animals may be kept for observation
9.  What was the vector that transmitted the bubonic plague?
 the cat
 the flea
 the dog
10.  Which of these vectors transmit Lyme disease?
 the Deer tick and the Western Black Legged tick
 the Rabbit tick and the Easter White legged tick
 the potato tick and the Northern Black Legged tick
 the cotton tick and the Five Legged tick
11.  When a tick gets infected with Borrelia burgdorferi the bacteria sets in the what part of the tick
12.  How many blood meals does the Deer tick have in its lifetime?
13.  What part of the human body to ticks attach to?
 Ticks can attach everywhere but the groin
 Ticks can attach to any part of the human body
 Ticks can attach everywhere but the armpits
 Ticks can attach everywhere but the scalp
14.  How many Stages of Lyme disease are there?
15.  The expanding rash some people get when bitten by the tick is called
 red rash 40
 ruby red
 erythema migrans
 doetbee rash
16.  If you see a bulls eye rash or find a tick on a client
 tell them about it calmly
 say nothing
 tell them in a post card
 call the fire department
17.  Improperly removing a tick can cause the body of the tick to
 rupture and that is okay
 rupture causing bacteria to pour into the wound
 rupture and now you have hundreds of baby ticks to worry about
 rupture and the tick Lyme antitoxins spill into the wound immunizing the victim
18.  The best tool for removal of a tick is
 Burning it with a match
 Fine-tipped tweezers
 Dig it out with a very sharp knife
 Hot water and soap
19.  After removing the tick
 thoroughly clean the bite area and your hands with rubbing alcohol, an iodine scrub, or soap and water
 pour whiskey on everything
 Cauterize the wound with a hot knife
 rub lard onto the wound
20.  What disease was Dr. Burgdorfer actually looking for when he found the spirochete that causes Lyme disease?
 Rocky Mountain spotted fever
 Scarlet fever
21.  According to chapter 4, of the text you are LESS likely to be exposed to ticks if you live in
 A mountainous region
 A heavily forested region
 A houseboat
 Concrete jungles of metropolitan cities
22.  Contamination of the blood supply is a major concern, the Red Cross and CDC state
 Do not donate blood if you have Lyme disease.
 Donate anyway. Lyme infected blood only goes to others with Lyme disease.
 If there is a blood shortage, donate blood even if you have Lyme disease.
 It does not matter, blood is blood.
23.  Can your pet get Lyme?
 Not if your pet is a horse
 No, dog and cats do not get Lyme
 No, only humans get lyme
24.  When it comes to treating Lyme symptoms with Massage which of the following answers is true?
 Massage can cure Lyme disease
 Massage can prevent Lyme disease
 We cannot cure Lyme with massage, but we might be able to help alleviate some symptoms
 The leading cause of Lyme disease infections is from massage.
25.  According to the text, one way to have a Lyme friendly massage establishment is to
 offer discounts to people with Lyme disease
 have reading material about Lyme disease in your lobby
 wear gloves when massaging a client
 have a Lyme disease only massage room in your establishment
26.  Chapter 5 of the text states that; ticks can carry multiple diseases, these are known as
 complex inflictions
 really sick ticks
27.  Mosquitoes are number one in top vector-borne disease transmissions, ticks come in at
 second place
28.  What percent do tick larvae out number nymphs
 100 percent
 8 percent
 3 percent
 10 to 50 percent
29.  Borrelia miyamotoi is a special bacterium because it can be transmitted by
 nymphs only
 adult ticks only
 larvae who become infected via transovarial transmission
 just like Lyme, nymphs and adults only
30.  Promptly removing ticks
 will help prevent infection from tick-borne microbes
 is worthless
 is not recommended
 should only be done with needle-nose pliers
31.  There was a vaccine for Lyme disease that was pulled from distribution in 2002, it was called
32.  According to chapter 6, the tick is actually
 a bug
 an arachnid
 a mammal
 an amphibian
33.  How many species of ticks are there?
 over 850
 less than 5
 less than 50
34.  Ticks are either
 Hard shelled or soft shelled
 Half shelled or whole shelled
 Sea shelled or desert shelled
 Shelled or unshelled
35.  When a tick feeds what do they remove from the blood that they return the host?
 vitamin k
 red blood cells
 white blood cells
36.  Ticks
37.  Anaplasmosis is a bacterial disease transmitted by
 The same tick that transmits Lyme
 The bite of the deer mouse
 The bit of brown turkey
 The bit of a cow
38.  Babesiosis is caused by a parasite and is transmitted by
 the same tick that transmits Lyme and via blood transfusion
 the bite of the deer mouse
 the bit of brown turkey
 the bit of a cow
39.  Colorado Tick Fever disease is caused by
 a virus
 none of those
40.  Rocky Mountain spotted fever is caused by
 a bacterium
 a virus
 a fungus
 none of those
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