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Cultural Diversity in Massage Practice Test

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1.  What does nodding the head up and down mean in Bulgaria?
 I'll try
2.  A person expresses their culture through
 all of the above
3.  The study that is devoted to culture is called
 cultural monogamy
 cultural anthropology
 cultural mathematics
 cultural rehabilitation
4.  The term cultural competence used in the health field means
 using a credit card instead of paying cash
 eating out instead of cooking at home
 the skills to respect and interact effectively with other cultures
 teaching American customs to foreign cultures.
5.  Symptoms of culture shock are
 anger, high blood pressure and violence
 confusion, disorientation and depression
 fear, paranoia and vertigo
 hunger, excitement and hyperactivity
6.  What percentage of Americans do not have passports?
7.  Having cultural competency
 improves client service
 builds trust
 gives the therapist a competitive edge
 all of the above
8.  What are the five steps to cultural competency?
 investigation, evaluation, language integration, confrontation and closure
 awareness, acknowledgement, conditional validation, animation and occupation
 awareness, acknowledgement, honest validation, negotiation and action
 investigation, declassification, restructuring, recording and automation
9.  Low context culture refers to
 cultures that rely mostly on words to communicate
 cultures that live within their means
 cultures that rely less on words to communicate
 cultures that avoid communicating
10.  High context culture refers to
 cultures that use fewer words to communicate
 cultures that rely mostly on words to communicate
 cultures whose communication is slower
11.  High context culture relies more on
 subtle gestures and silence to communicate
 the choice of words
 body language
 all of the above
12.  The following cause a culture to change
 introduction of another culture
 all of the above
13.  In different cultures, nodding the head up and down means
 Keep talking
 all of the above
14.  Certain hand gestures, such as the thumbs up sign
 have different meanings depending on the culture
 may be considered rude by certain cultures
 are better left out of your communication with someone from another culture
 all of the above
15.  Low contact cultures
 means their personal space requires more distance, such as the American, Japanese and German cultures
 means their personal spaces requires less distance, such as parts of Latin America, Middle East and Greece
 means their personal space varies
 means they have no personal space
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