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Medical Aromatherapy (Advanced) Test

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1.  The word AROMATHERAPY was first used in
 150 BCE
 The book of Genesis
2.  Aromatherapy is
 The use of aromatic plants
 The discipline of therapeutic applications of essential oils
 Any healing using smells
 Any healing using flowers
3.  One role aromatherapy has is
 Bringing licensed aromatherapists into the massage practice
 Uniting alternative and allopathic medicine in a seamless marriage
 Being a gateway to other alternative health modalities
 To reinforce allopathic drug modalities
4.  Smell is
 More important today than it used to be
 Less important today than it used to be
 Important in identifying one another
5.  One of the most versatile essential oils is
6.  Essential oil components are produced in the cell following
 A biosynthetic pathway
 Cell division
 Cell elongation
7.  In aromatherapy we are mainly concerned with
 The primary substances of plants organisms
 The secondary product of plant organisms
 Grafting of the emolument
 Originating plant health for a superior essential oil
8.  Aromatherapy, the author implies, offers an opportunity to reduce this in medicine
 Medical errors
9.  The book argues scientists are reluctant to research aromatherapy because
 The market is not large enough
 Aromatherapy is too new
 Federal cofunding is not available
 The results cannot be patented
10.  Some early scientists working on essential oils received
 Patents on essential oils
 Copyrights on essential oils
 The Nobel Prize
 Exclusive marketing rights on essential oils
11.  The essential oil with the greatest antimicrobial effect is
12.  An essential oil showing strong antiviral properties is
 Black pepper oil
13.  In order to produce healing, essential oils must be
 Natural or synthetic
 Compliant with the International Organization for Standardization
14.  Chemotypes occur when
 One plant species presents essential oils of different chemical composition
 Essential oils are chemically enhanced
 Essential oils are chemically reduced
 Essential oils are produced by steam distillation
15.  Processed essential oils tend to
 Be more expensive than unprocessed oils
 Be cheaper in price than unprocessed oils
 Be higher in quality than unprocessed oils
 Be harder to find than unprocessed oils
16.  One of the considerations in using commercial orange oil is
 The working conditions of the laborers who harvest
 The chemical make up
 Disposing of the manufacturing byproducts safely
 High concentrations of pesticides
17.  Essential oils should be
 Nitrogen enhanced
18.  Essential oils are mixtures of natural substances which are usually
19.  Essential oils are classified by
 Flavor and fragrance
 Byproducts and size
 Components and purpose
 Duration and permanence
20.  The overall character of the orange essential oil is
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