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-Florida Prevention of Medical Errors- Test

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1.  Why would a massage therapist study medical errors?
 at least one state require therapists to know about medical errors
 in case they marry a doctor
 in case a medical emergency occurs at the office
 in case they want to practice physical therapy
2.  Are medical errors really a serious problem?
 yes, they are the thiry-third leading cause of death
 yes, they cause more deaths than breast cancer
 no, they are a minor issue
 the 1985 Tokyo Protocol encourages medical errors education
3.  What is Root Cause Analysis?
 this is a process used to determine why a medical error occurred and how to prevent it from reoccurring
 this is a formula used in psychology to discover the seeds of a mental illness
 this is a science in which an illness or potential for illness is traced to heredity
 it is a dental procedure
4.  Is Root Cause Analysis the only way to prevent medical errors?
 no, it is rapidly being replaced by branch symmetry correlation
 yes, this is the procedure mandated by the Canadian Consolidated Commission on Review of Medical Errors
 no, there are a variety of techniques to prevent medical errors
5.  What is a sentinel event?
 a statistically expected side effect surgery
 an unexpected serious patient injury or death unrelated to the illness
 a mistake that can be made only by a doctor
 a picnic for nurses
6.  What triggers the implementation of Root Cause Analysis?
 a dental emergency
 a sentinel event
 it is only triggered by a nurse’s error
 a minor injury
7.  Root Cause Analysis is triggered by a sentinel event. Which of the following are examples of sentinel events?
 a sports injury, a school injury, anger mismanagement
 wrong-site surgery, anesthesia-related event resulting in injury or death, ventilator death or injury
 a patient on narcotics, sleep apnea, nightmares
 When the patient is over 100 years old
8.  What is the goal of Root Cause Analysis?
 to focus and highlight pharmacy errors only
 to document drug interactions only
 a technique used to train students in clinical psychology
 to reduce sentinel events
9.  What are the two types of medical errors discussed in the text?
 medication and nursing
 effleurage and petrissage
 reporting and liability
 electronic health records and evidence-based medicine
10.  Pharmacies catch medical errors more easily if they have a policy in place that ...
 requires the person accepting the medication to check it against a Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) before leaving the pharmacy
 requires someone to do a follow up by calling patients at home to find out how they are doing on the medication
 requires the pharmacist to do a show and tell for each medication, even if the patient is already familiar with the drug
 requires the patient to repeat the name of the medication before leaving
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