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Hi Shirley,

I would be so happy to share my experience with you, and it's not just this time, in fact , I came back to you this time because you were so amazing the last time I needed CEU's.

You went above and beyond explaining the program then assisted me in compliance detail for National Certification Renewal.

Finally, after all was completed for my renewal, I learned of new complications. All I can say is, again, well beyond any typical call to service, you made a huge nightmare, one that never happened, and I thank you so much for helping when no one had to, and most would not have.

I will continue to pass your courses to anyone I can.

--S. Farance, L.M.T


Excellent. This site has helped me tremendously.
Especially the phone help line, it’s such a relief to have a real person on
hand...Thanks for all your help....

--Lu Repici


I am so glad I found this website and I will be using it from now on for all of my CEUs!

-- Toccara 


I have used Apollo since 2008 and the reason is because Shirley's level of customer service is OUTSTANDING! Not only is she quick to respond, Shirley has a thorough understanding of the laws for the two states with which I am licensed. I encourage my fellow massage therapist's to utilize the Apollo Correspondence classes when the time comes to renew.

--Sharon DeHaney


This is an amazing program and I am so glad that I found you to help me further my knowledge of my profession.

--Jordan Ashe Renuk


Shirley is the best.
I will always use this site.

--Michelle L. Hudson


Thank you for your quick response. This was the easiest and most efficient way to get this done. Thank you for your company's services!


--Pauli Payne, LMT 


The online reading and testing was easy, economical, fast and painless! Even the communication via email and over the phone with Shirley was immediate when I was having a misunderstanding on my behalf...even at 12:30am EST!!! I will definitely return for all future online CEUs needed.

--Jennifer Smolik,LMT   


I thought it was well put together. It was put in a simple enough format, to easily read, retain and process. I've done some online courses that have such an overwhelming amount of information that it was hard for me to get through it. By the time I had finished reading, I could barely remember what I had read. Thank you for putting the information together in an easy to understand manner.

--Lorelei Randall


Enjoyable and easy to work with. Thank you!

--Michael Manly


Apollo123 made the process extremely easy and enjoyable, I was absolutely thrilled with the results! Thank you so much for your help!
Yours in health,

--Michelle Wells, LMT


Grrrreat for my first online ceu experience.

--Lu Ann Surface


This was the first on line course I had to take for renewing my N.Y. MTH License.It has been many years since I've attended my school of massage.The staff at Apollo Correspondence Class were very helpful. Choosing the classes I needed was extremely clear on their web site. The Migraine and Massage Class was well written and educational.

Thank you,

--John J. Savoca


Great CEU website!! Will definitely be back.

--Mischelle Gurule


 Each and every time I have called Shirley answered the phone. I was so impressed to speak to a human immediately!! Shirley is exceptionally professional, respectful, resourceful and patient. The material is clear and informative. The process of taking the tests and reading the material is easy to follow. I am elated to have been introduced to Apollo 123 Correspondence.  

--Charlynn M. Thompson



--Sharon Hooks


I started to think about opening my own business and /or buying an already established business, and the information in the courses were very helpful. I live in Las Vegas where is somewhat saturated with so many places but they are missing key points on quality and fair price which will give me and my friends an edge in the market in the near future thanks to the great things I learned from your courses. Keep up with the great work.

--Lourenco DaSilva


Thank you for the Mothers Day discount for 24 CEU's, I enjoyed all the subjects I read about and learned a lot.
Thank you for everything.

--Isis S



--James Owen Dickson


I took hydrotherapy and ethics (4 hours). Both were informative and fun, presented in a an easy-to-read form. In fact, in the ethics course, I couldn't wait to see what Ardis would do next! I heartily recommend these down-to-earth, yet very professional courses. Great job!

--Cathy A. Corn


I really enjoyed using the Apollo Correspondence online courses to complete my CEUs for my massage license. The prices were good and affordable. Will recommend this to my therapist friends!!!

--Sandra Howard Cromwell


I Absolutely Love This Website!
It Gives Me Time, The CEU's I Need For My Licensure And Knowledge, But Best Of All It Doesn't Hurt My Pockets! Thank You So Much!

--Autumn Love Miller



-- Hoang Phan





These were the best written classes I have taken in 15 years.
Thank you for understanding the information that is very important to a massage therapist to learn regarding continuing education.

--Victoria Byron, LMT


Shirley, your courses are great because of the learning materials... the reasonable prices keeps me coming back and recommending your courses to others. Thank you!!

--Salvitore Castellano


Course was very interesting, informative and clear. Glad I chose your site to do my CEU's I will recommend to others as well.



The reading material and test questions were appropriate and followed materials very well.



Thank you for all the professional pointers that make using this site easy and friendly.

--George Allen


 I enjoyed reading the material. I found it very helpful and easy to read. I would recommend the CEU credits. The ability to print and read as you go was nice as well. 



Dear Ms Henderson,

It was a pleasure to do all my ces with you. It was fast, easy and simple.


--Janine Hum



--Judith Lamay Black


Very happy and pleased!

--Nina Garrett


Excellent. Very helpful.

--Wayne Washington


I encountered a problem on a set of ceus that I had already purchased, so I emailed Ms Shirley and right away she called me and switched the units. For sure, I will be using this website for the ceus that I will be needing in the future.

--Santiago Macias


Good program

--Yunheng Zhang


Course material was presented in succinct manner. Excellent.

--Bruce D. Blowers



--Maria Hernandez


I have poor English but this class was not too hard for me.

--Yushuang Li


Your courses were fun and simple. I love how you made the regulations for each state so clear so there was no guesswork to be done on whether or not my state accepted your courses. Also, after I chose and paid for my classes, I got a message from your administrator saying that by choosing a package I could have saved $18.00 so he took the liberty to refund me that money when he didn't have to. You don't see that every day. I will definitely do business with you again!

--April Moon


The course was proficient and precise in the reading material. I was fearful at first in trying to obtain all the course material, until I took the test which I completed in twenty minutes. It was wonderful and so grateful to have this type of online course to take with a daily busy schedule, I will come back to Apollo Correspondence Classes for my future CEU.

--Gilda Nesbitt


This is the best site I've ever found for these courses!! Thank you!! Keep up the good work!!

--John Erb


Thank you for having enjoyable, reasonably priced, convenient, and informative courses. The web site and courses were easy to use, and the personal help over the phone gave me a no frustration experience taking the courses. The course information was easy to understand, and the test questions were explained nicely in the course.



Overall, the subject matter was easy to read & clear.

--Catherine Durnien


Your Lyme Disease course was awesome. I have
been diagnosed with chronic Lyme's. The 
documentary that was offered was very inspirational
and informative.

--Mark Helmer


Easy to login. Great study materials. Satisfied with testing. Will return!

--DB Austin, Tx


This was the best online course.

--Kimberly Breit 


I have tried numerous other on-line CEU courses and there is no comparison between them and Apollo's classes. Apollo's course material is very easy to read and flows smoothly. When taking the test; you don't have to hunt and search for the answers. ...
The best thing about taking CEU classes from Apollo is the personal attention you receive if you have a need to call. The Director/Instructor of Apollo, Shirley, is ALWAYS kind, professional and one of the most patient people I have had the pleasure dealing with. She will ALWAYS go out of her way to help you and to make sure that you have what you need in order to complete your CEU requirements. I would NOT want to receive my CEUs from anyone else and will ALWAYS choose Apollo as my source for CEU requirements and you should too!

--Beryl Paxton


Not only was the course information relevant and interesting, but there were internet course links that went further in depth regarding various aspects of the topic allowing me to learn to my potential.

--Sally Denny


As a person with chronic Lyme (untreated for 4 years and 4 years of treatment) I was very impressed with the class on Lyme disease and massage. We need more info on this horrible disease and the controversy that continues to surround it.
Thank you Apollo 123 for addressing this very serious subject.

--Terri Hughitt


A very straight forward course. It was a breeze studying the material.
I will be using Apollo for future CE Credit courses.

--Evelyn Villeneuve


Very affordable CEU's
Content well read and easy to understand 
Great selection of courses
Easy to Access site and directions are very clear
Support staff is Excellent

--Sonya Hildreth 


This was the best and fastest service of any of the other CE companies I've tried.Great work and thank you.

--Carl Baytala


All in all very pleasant learning experience !!! Thank you

--Cindy Womack


Thank you so much for all of your help, especially with my ancient computer. The information was invaluable to my practice, and interesting. Thanks again. I will recommend you to other Massage Therapists.


Debra C. Green


Thank-you for making learning easy AND affordable. This was the second time I came to your site for my continued education and I will definitely be back in two years for more!!!

--Donna Rogrs


Both materials were very interesting and well presented. I appreciated being able to print test and materials. It allowed me to read and study and Not have to take notes which is a waste of time and not always thorough enough for testing purposes. I highly recommend your Continuing Education classes and will certainly take more in the future.

--Jane T. Wilson


 Really enjoyed the classes!!

--Victoria Campbell 


I appreciate all of the info and Shirley has a fun sense of humor!

--Jane Prince   


I just used your company for the first time to complete my 12 hr c.e.u. course for L.M.T. So easy to use and such a time and money saver. I can not thank you enough.

--Toni Reynolds


Great educational courses.

--Kevin Benoit


Would love to know which ones I got wrong but loved doing these Ceu's. These were affordable and very informative. 

--Bettyjo Bennett

(Our system has been updated to let the student know which questions they got wrong.. Apollo)

Thank you. The course was sensible and easy to complete.


Dearest Shirley,
I so appreciate that you keep the continuing education credits so reasonable. I'm disabled right now and not working but can't let my license go. It was too hard to get. When you're on a fixed income every dollar counts. I was so elated to come to your website and find 16 ceu's for $68.00.
Every year it seems I've needed a miracle because money is so tight and that state license in Nevada is $ 150.00. You have been so good to me over the years even waiving it for me when I had no income coming in and thought I was going to lose my house. I never practiced massage in the 17 yrs I've had the license. My hands have arthritis so bad. If I live to be 90 I will keep getting my ceu's it looks like because I was pretty old when I graduated massage school and I'm a great grandma now! I appreciate you with all my heart.
I learned so much from taking those 8 ceu's in Lyme. Wow blew me away. I needed that information for my own life and relatives. I'm so glad you had it.
--I Stalford

(A note to all our students who are currently not practicing: Some states will allow massage therapists to go on an inactive list. This saves the therapists the cost of renewing their license.)


I had inadvertantly let my massage registration lapse. When I went to reapply, I found out that NYS now requires 36 hours of CEUs. I was going to go back to my school and spend upwards of several hundred dollars for courses. Someone recommended that I try to find out if I can earn CEUs online. I found the list of NYSED approved providers and started to go down the list alphabetically. I found Apollo and saw that the recommended coursework meets all of the renewal requirements for New York State. I spent $103, took the courses and my registration has been reinstated. The course work was easy to follow and the tests straightforward. I highly recommend Apollo for its efficiency and value. They really simplified the CEU process and tailored the course selections to be state specific. I was done in about a week - a few hours here and there. It was good to be able to take the courses and tests at an independent pace. I have already told two former classmates to use the site and I will be back to complete my coursework for my next renewal!

--John, Brooklyn NY LMT


Super Happy you came my way via internet. You came as a Blessing and I will be using you the next renewal. Yea!!!!!

--Deborah Smith


I never knew the importance of knowing about Lyme Disease since it is not something frequently talked about. This was a great read and has made me more aware to look more closely when working on clients. Thank you so much for this great course!



Navigating around the Apollo website seemed effortless (even for those technically challenged), due to the expert and patient customer service.  Apollo had the most reasonable rates.  The classes were awesome, too!  Thank you, Apollo, for a great experience!

Best regards,


Loved these on line courses. It took a lot of pressure off me to get to a class when i live a distance away from most classes.
Thank you so much for provided these classes!

--Judy Elder


Clear, concise, well researched material. Relevant questions. Useful information. So helpful to someone like myself who resides in a remote location, several hours away from congregant workshops. Thank you Shirley.

--Bonnie Harlan-Stankus


This course is exactly what I needed. I wish I would have taken this a long time ago. (Regarding Holistic Approach to a Business Plan)

--Amy Van Epps


I am so thankful for your site. The reading was engaging, the links to lectures and on-line information was helpful and kept me from getting bored or distracted. I learned several new things and am grateful to be completing most of my CEU requirements from home. Your pricing if by far the best! Please add some research CEU's to your programs. I will definitely be using your site in two years when I need to get my recertification again.

--Maggie Mae Anderson


Thank you so much! Fantastic subjects and an easy to use site! Excellent value, I will recommend to all of my colleagues!

--David Thuroff


Everything is perfection!

--Georgeta Popa


Great courses, and very easy website to use.
Shirley was quick to respond to all questions and 
assist . I would highly recommend this site.

--Maryann Valentine 


I have been using Apollo Correspondence (AC) classes for years. The major standout for me is 1:1 customer communication. AC does it the old fashioned way--if I have a question, all I have to do is pick up the phone and speak to Shirley directly. What a wonderful concept!

--Sharon DeHaney


I loved your course and shared with others to do online courses.

--Maria Elizabeth Martinez


Easy site to use and very informative. Good videos too.



The reading material was easy to read and understand. I enjoyed watching the videos with the doctors and therapist explaining CTS.

--Doreen Vargas


Excellent courses easy to navigate.

--Maryellen Hoffmann