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Hi Shirley,

I would be so happy to share my experience with you, and it's not just this time, in fact , I came back to you this time because you were so amazing the last time I needed CEU's.

You went above and beyond explaining the program then assisted me in compliance detail for National Certification Renewal.

Finally, after all was completed for my renewal, I learned of new complications. All I can say is, again, well beyond any typical call to service, you made a huge nightmare, one that never happened, and I thank you so much for helping when no one had to, and most would not have.

I will continue to pass your courses to anyone I can.

S. Farance, L.M.T

Excellent. This site has helped me tremendously.
Especially the phone help line, it’s such a relief to have a real person on
hand...Thanks for all your help....

Lu Repici

I am so glad I found this website and I will be using it from now on for all of my CEUs!


I have used Apollo since 2008 and the reason is because Shirley's level of customer service is OUTSTANDING! Not only is she quick to respond, Shirley has a thorough understanding of the laws for the two states with which I am licensed. I encourage my fellow massage therapist's to utilize the Apollo Correspondence classes when the time comes to renew.

Sharon DeHaney

This is an amazing program and I am so glad that I found you to help me further my knowledge of my profession.

Jordan Ashe Renuk

Shirley is the best.
I will always use this site.

Michelle L. Hudson

Thank you for your quick response. This was the easiest and most efficient way to get this done. Thank you for your company's services!

Pauli Payne, LMT

The online reading and testing was easy, economical, fast and painless! Even the communication via email and over the phone with Shirley was immediate when I was having a misunderstanding on my behalf...even at 12:30am EST!!! I will definitely return for all future online CEUs needed.

Jennifer Smolik,LMT

I thought it was well put together. It was put in a simple enough format, to easily read, retain and process. I've done some online courses that have such an overwhelming amount of information that it was hard for me to get through it. By the time I had finished reading, I could barely remember what I had read. Thank you for putting the information together in an easy to understand manner.

Lorelei Randall

Enjoyable and easy to work with. Thank you!

Michael Manly

Apollo123 made the process extremely easy and enjoyable, I was absolutely thrilled with the results! Thank you so much for your help!

Yours in health,

Michelle Wells, LMT

Grrrreat for my first online ceu experience.

Lu Ann Surface

This was the first on line course I had to take for renewing my N.Y. MTH License.It has been many years since I've attended my school of massage.The staff at Apollo Correspondence Class were very helpful. Choosing the classes I needed was extremely clear on their web site. The Migraine and Massage Class was well written and educational.

Thank you,

John J. Savoca

Great CEU website!! Will definitely be back.

Mischelle Gurule

Each and every time I have called Shirley answered the phone. I was so impressed to speak to a human immediately!! Shirley is exceptionally professional, respectful, resourceful and patient. The material is clear and informative. The process of taking the tests and reading the material is easy to follow. I am elated to have been introduced to Apollo 123 Correspondence.

Charlynn M. Thompson

I started to think about opening my own business and /or buying an already established business, and the information in the courses were very helpful. I live in Las Vegas where is somewhat saturated with so many places but they are missing key points on quality and fair price which will give me and my friends an edge in the market in the near future thanks to the great things I learned from your courses. Keep up with the great work.

Lourenco DaSilva

Thank you for the Mothers Day discount for 24 CEU's, I enjoyed all the subjects I read about and learned a lot.
Thank you for everything.

Isis S

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